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Annotto Bay, Saint Mary, Jamaica
Guide Price USD 7,750,000

Ref No: KE015-LI-SA190

Green Castle Estate, next to Robin’s Bay Village, is a 1,600-acre  estate,  with  nearly  2  miles   of   coastline and   an operating Eco-lodge business.

This  freehold  historic  estate,  dating  from  the  1600s,   is  wholly   owned   by   a   private   British   family. Planning permission is  already  in  place  for  a  subdivision  of  the estate for residential use.

The property contains a wealth of existing buildings and stunning natural features.

The built environment includes:
  • 10-key eco-lodge (the old Estate House and cottage)
  • Newry House and more than 10 outbuildings/houses
  • Coconut processing centre
  • Commercial greenhouses (orchids, ginger)
  • Reservoir, featuring a waterfall
  • Remains of 19th  century British army barracks
  • Remains of early 20th century golf club
  • Spanish tower
  • Taino Indian burial ground
  • 10 miles of public and private roads, 20 miles of trails

Natural features include:

  • 1,600 acres
  • Nearly 2 miles of coastline
  • Jack’s Bay Beach, a protected cove with lots of potential
  • Long Beach, attractive sea views
  • Blue Hole, a large circular depression in the rocky coastal frontage, linked to the sea, but providing year-round protected diving and swimming
  • Extensive level land, ideal for    agricultural and/or commercial development
  • Multiple elevated areas, including standalone hills and high slopes further inland (reaching as high as 700ft above sea level)
  • An attractive Haughton River boundary to the south of the site
  • Popular destination for migratory and endemic bird species
  • Stunning panoramic views towards the Blue Mountains National Park and Caribbean Sea
  • A 1-acre island to the north near Robin’s Bay Village

The estate is home to a number of agricultural enterprises and generates annual lease income for the owners.

An Estate Steeped in History:

Ownership of the estate is well documented  since the 1600s, when Sir Thomas Modyford,  the first English governor of Jamaica, was  provided the estate as part of a patent of nearly 40,000 acres by the British Crown.

The name Green Castle began to appear on island maps representing the estate in the early 1700s.

In 1951, John MacMillan Jr purchased Green Castle to escape Kingston social circles and the pressures of running the agricultural behemoth Cargill Inc, one of the largest privately-held companies in the world.

For over 50 years, the estate served  the  MacMillan family as a home, retreat and playground on a par with other famous   estates in Jamaica,  such  as: Goldeneye,  Treasure Island and Firefly.

The  current  owners  acquired  Green  Castle  from  the  MacMillan family in 2006.  At the time, the estate was operating at a loss despite a number of agricultural leases being in place. The new owners have restructured the leases and converted the main house and cottage into a 10-bedroom eco-lodge and is operating successfully.


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