The Finances

What will it cost me and what will I get in return?


Low cost of entry

Becoming a Keller Williams agent doesn’t cost a lot of money. It does however require a big investment of your time. In return we’ll invest all our time on making you as successful as we can. After all your success is our success.

Big Financial Returns

The sky is the limit and you’re only limited by your own ambition. The unique Keller Williams commission structure allows you to quickly grow your business with complete financial transparency. With each property sale you’ll know up-front the commission you’ll receive and there’s no hidden costs or unexpected surprises.

And with success comes a greater share of the commission. Once you reach a certain level of sales per year you’ll then receive 92% of the commission on each property sale thereafter.

Mega Agents

The more successful you are the more the opportunities open up for increased wealth creation. Reaching a certain level of commission enables you to become a Keller Williams Mega Agent. This not only means you’re in the top 5% of Keller Williams agents worldwide but also that you can now share your knowledge and wisdom with other KW Agents at Mega Camp.

Growth Sharing Scheme

Our growth sharing scheme financially rewards agents for bringing other talented, productive agents to the company by giving them a share of the revenues generated by the new agents.