Can I join as a part-time agent?

Yes. But we don’t advise it.

Becoming a successful and profitable agent requires time and commitment. The more you put in the better your chances of success.

Clients also demand commitment from their agent. Don’t forget you’ll most likely be selling their biggest and most important asset and so anything other than 100% commitment will not be good enough for them or for the Keller Williams brand.

I already operate as an Estate Agent. Can I switch it to Keller Williams?

Yes. There are two types of Keller Williams agent

- The Keller Williams agent.
You’ll adopt the Keller Williams name and all of the Keller Williams branded marketing materials. This is ideal for start-ups or those agents who want to build their own client base using a globally recognised name. 

- ‘Powered by’ Keller Williams agent.
You’ll keep your own Estate Agency branding with the small addition of ‘Powered by Keller Williams’ logo. You’ll will have access to all the education courses, training and technology that Keller Williams offers.

What happens if I want to leave in 3 years?

Not a problem. We understand that circumstances change and so we’ll work together with you to find the best options should you decide to leave Keller Williams.

How do you choose which agent sells which house?

Agents operate independently of each other and customers will choose an agent based on who they come into contact with. If however, a customer calls a market centre then we’ll pass that call directly to the agent who best matches the customers criteria.

Can I own a Market Centre after being an Agent?

Yes. At Keller Williams we love success stories and there’s no reason why, as a successful agent, you can’t become a successful market centre owner.

Can I use my own systems and marketing materials?

Yes. We offer all this as part of the agent package but if you want to use you’re own marketing materials then that’s fine too as long as they adhere to the Keller Williams ‘codes of practice.”